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Changing Format

Hi everyone!

So, I know we're coming to the end of another month and there's no reading poll about what we're reading next. That's because I'm deciding that we need a change in format. As much fun as it has been to pick a book, read it, and discuss it, I think that is putting a bit too much stress on people. So, what we are going to do is change it up. The following was suggested by Tatra, aka sirwynai, as a way to make things a bit easier/better.

From now on, we will be doing a read along in the genre that is posted for the month. What is a read along, you ask? That is where you pick a book to read that matches the month's genre and you post in the comm about it. State the name and author of the book and any other information that you wish to share. Share the date that you will start the book and invite people to join you in reading said book. When you are finished reading the book, create a discussion post for the book. The only thing I ask is that we try to start the discussion threads by the last week of the month. Then we have a week to discuss before moving onto the next genre.

So, the genre for April is going to be Chick Lit. The definition of chick literature can be found here. There are many different sub genres and a good website for those can be found here. Also, if you stil need help finding a book in the genre, several of the websites below have good suggestions. Also, if you think a book is chick lit due to wikipedai's entry, then read it. Do not feel like you have to stick to suggestions given on the page below or on the other two pages I suggested. Also, do check your library - librarians the are the best to get knowledge from.

My Library's If You Like..Chick Lit

Goodreads' list of Chick Lit
Goodreads' list of Young Adult Chick Lit

Mystery Chick Lit from chicklitbooks
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