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Hello and welcome! We are a book club for WriYe participants. There are three simple rules to follow.

Please message crescent_gaia with your WriYe name and livejournal name before you join the comm. It can be done by PM on LJ, email, or AIM.

1. Respect your fellow readers/comm members. I know that we don't really need this rule, but it's going up anyways.
2. You do need to be a member of WriYe to join. WriYe can be found at http://wriye.webs.com/
3. In order to close an active poll on the exact date, a simple majority - half of our membership plus 1 - is needed.
4. In the matter of a tie, the Mod will take those selections, assign random numbers to them, and use random.org in order to break the tie.
5. Most Important: Have fun!

When you join, please introduce yourself in the Introduction Post. The schedule for genres in 2010 can be found over in the Welcome Post. Any questions can be asked there as well.

If there is a problem, please contact me via my personal journal over at crescent_gaia.